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Every Tuesday and Thursday since late 2019 yours truly here has been diligently hammering away at the keyboards with insights, rants and general ideological regurgitation of brain farts and concepts. If you already subscribe that's great! You're getting them already. But if you want to 'try it on' before buying, so to speak, then by all means read away below!

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If they made Marvel Movies in the 1960s part 1

In 1961 to 1965 or so when Marvel was first getting started, who would I cast in a movie?


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Comic Book Anthology Review: 'The Becoming' 2 of 3

Here we go in this anthology with the next five stories:


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A Good Story Structure... being 'uneven'

What makes for a great story? It's not the subject matter...


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Comic Book Anthology Review: 'The Becoming' 1 of 3

Compiled and edited by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco


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1970s phenomenon: The Fern Bar.

What exactly was a 'fern bar?'


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Comic Book Series Review: Road Kill Du Jour

It's well within the horror genre. And... there's a biker protagonist.


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Profile on Outlaw Biker Culture artist: David Mann

There are few artists who encapsulate the heart of the 'outlaw' side of the 1960s as much as David Mann.


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Graphic Novel review: James Versus the New World Order

'Bad-Ass' won't cut it by itself.


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Motorbike Builder Profile on: Indian Larry

Indian Larry was a widely respected builder of custom motorcycles.


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Comic Book Review: Snow Paw #1

There's a real warm-glow aesthetic going on here, for the first few pages for sure.


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Profile on the 1970s: The American Indian Movement (AIM)

The early 1970s saw at the aftermath of the Viet Nam War a rise in radicalism.


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Comic Book Review: Magic Powder

This is a comic where I definitely will be wanting to read more chapters to get filled in.


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More nutty script ideas.

They keep trickling into my head.


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Comic Book Review: Brokenland 4

Lots of mushrooms are key in this comic, as well as studies on garbage and refuse.


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A new tutorial on YouTube for comic book artists.

This time around it's all about getting that inked page ready for coloring.


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Comic Book Review: Starweed part 2

Part 2 opens up, the cover promising a dinosaur somewhere in the story...


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Mad Magazine Artist profile: Al Jaffee

What was a fold in?


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Graphic Novel Review: The Deadliest Bouquet part 2 of 2

Author Erica Shultz obviously has an interest in the relationship of the three sisters.


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George Herriman, genius behind Krazy Kat.

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst loved Krazy Kat.


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Graphic Novel Review: The Deadliest Bouquet part 1 of 2

Three sisters who come together to solve the mysterious murder of their mother.


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Great for a panel!

Screen grabs of shows I've been watching that would work out great for a comic book page.


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Comic book review: Spectress and Sabanion

We get a tale spun on a very well-travelled road indeed.


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Realism vs. Wish Fulfillment.

Archie Bunker or Marcia Brady. Which one are you?


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Comic book review: Time Trader 1 and 2

Dylan Sharpe has an ability. He can rewind a 24 hour period and re-live it.


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Comic book review: Crossover Division 1 and 2

This book is like Quantum Leap meets Inception meets Men in Black.


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Depicting 1970s fashion

How do I go about making sure their clothes (and hairstyles) are authentic looking?


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Comic book review: Happy Hill #1

Happy Hill is an overpriced Vacation Resort with a past.


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Graphic Novel Review: Crucifix Executioner

Crucifix Executioner is a graphic novel that could have been a great work.


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Comic book illustrating hacks: Posing for a two-way phonecall

What does it look like to depict two people having a phone call conversation?


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Comic Book Review: Pipe Creepers 1

Two plumbers are sent to fix some 'bad water' issues with an ancient decrepit old house.


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Mad Magazine Artist profile: Dave Berg

Dry, reverential, sober, clean. His people always stood stock straight. They lived in very neat places.


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Graphic Novel Review: Sons of Anarchy 3

A simple story line, one based in believable circumstances. That's what I expected from Ed Brisson, and that's what I got.


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Underground Comix Artist spotlight on: Spain Rodriquez

My biker-related comic has strong ties with Spain's Trashman.


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Graphic Novel Review: Stray Bullets

Stray Bullets isn't concerned with story arcs.


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